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Quality, Pride, Economical, Unique, Perfection...can all be summed up in one name: "W.E.B. Remodeling". W.E.B. Remodeling has created the finest projects in this area, to its customer's complete and thrilled satisfaction.

The owner of W.E.B. Remodeling, William E. Brauning, has been in some facet of the construction industry, his whole life. At the age of sixteen he was an Architectural Draftsman, later earned a degree in Industrial/Construction Technology, and went on to receive a Michigan Residential Builder license, and Florida General Contractor license. William (Bill) is also a very talented artist. W.E.B. Remodeling's mascot "Webster" is just one of Bill's creations.

Coupling Bill's construction knowledge/skills with his artistic ability has allowed W.E.B. Remodeling to bring forum and function to its projects, like no others can.

If it has to do with your residential property, we can improve it, change it, fix it, or anything you want done to it. We finish basements, remodel baths, bars, kitchens, paint, tile work, decorative trim, patios, hardwood floors (construct and finish), windows...

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